NAC Membership Application

To become an NAC member, Please complete the three easy steps:

(1) Fill in your personal details (2) Submit the form online, return it in person to our offices or send it to Natural Africa Concern P.O. box 28513 00100 Nairobi Kenya. (3) pay the annual membership fee of KES 2000 ($20). You can make your payments by Cash in our office, by Mpesa or Through direct Cash transfer using your credit card.

Our Members

By becoming a member, you highly contribute towards achieving our mission. All your membership subscription will provide financial support in three main areas; Trainings in Natural History, community projects and conservation as well as in research work.

Members Information

A welcome pack will be sent to you by post within 3 weeks of receipt of your application  You will receive a membership card that is renewed annually.  You will receive free copies of Natural Africa magazine – a Magazine published twice a year by NAC.  You will gain free access to our educational centres and invitation to educational programmes organised by NAC.

About Us

Natural Africa Concern (NAC) is fully committed in preservation of our natural world through educating the society affectively on environmental matters, engaging the same society in restoration and protection of nature as well as conducting research that guide in conservation. NAC believe that when everyone in the society is well informed about the nature’s interconnected systems that sustains life on earth, they will be inspired to strongly appreciated and live in respect with all other creatures in the planet.
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