Natural Africa Concern

Natural Africa Concern (NAC) is a vibrant non-governmental organization founded in year 2016. The Organization’s headquarters are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Natural Africa Concern major goal is to effectively communicate scientific information on matters of natural history so as to empower societies with the knowledge and feeling of connection with nature to develop a better sense of responsibility and sustainability towards our natural world.

Besides Training in Natural history, NAC also recognize that gaps in Research and prevailing Poverty in most parts of Kenya are overarching factors contributing to loss of nature. We therefore also focus in ecological research that guide in conservation and strive to use market based tools to alleviate poverty among the communities thus integrating people with nature.


We interpret nature complexity in a way that reveal its true beauty and the interconnected systems that sustain life on earth. Our approach help the society develop acute perception of nature.



Our overall aim being the conservation of nature, research becomes an integral component of our work. We therefore undertake ecological research work that guide in nature conservation.



Indigenous people are the best nature protectors but are often faced with management and financial challenges that see them lose connection and totally exploit their adjacent natural environment.