Our Approach

We interpret nature complexity in a way that reveal its true beauty and the interconnected systems that sustain life on earth. Our approach help the society develop acute perception of nature.


We traverse everywhere in Kenya from cities to the most remote areas while introducing people into natural world in a simplified and most interesting way possible without overwhelming them. We ensure huge impact by visiting groups such as schools, community conservation groups, faith based groups (in churches and mosques) as well as policy makers. Moreover, we produce and distribute free nature interpretation materials e.g. localized guidebooks, posters, and documentaries on nature to provide information and inspiration in the right amounts and at all times.

We  provide a lot of material on Kenya Natural History in our Resource page as well as in our blogYouTubeFacebookTwitter and other social media platforms. We shall be inviting many groups in our butterfly center once complete where they get to enjoy our one of a kind, African Butterfly Gallery and learn more from our highly experience instructors.

Nature is truly divers and trying to learn and understand everything in nature can be an overwhelming task. We use butterflies as an entry point in introducing people into natural world without overwhelming them. Butterflies are found virtually everywhere. They are conspicuous and very appealing to the eyes of many. They have an amazing natural history and play a vital role in nature. They are important in indicating environmental changes and are fun to learn.  The combination of all these facts display butterflies as convincingly the best in introducing people into the natural world.